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We are a long-standing privately-operated gym on the lower ground floor of NZ Rugby House

in Wellington’s suburbs of Thorndon.

Fit4 Thorndon gives you a completely flexible workout experience. When you join you will receive an individual access card to utilize 24/7 during your membership period, which means you can come and go as you please; 24 hours a day, for as little or long as you want.

Our gym is a quiet space, and basic yet equipped with rowers, treadmills, stationary bikes, a cross-trainer, bench press, chest press, pec flye, lat pulldown, Olympic/squat rack/cage, cable machine, leg press, leg extension and leg curl machine, a range of free weights, dumbbells and kettlebells, boxing equipment and a stretch area. 

Our completely private gym means you can work out without feeling like you’re on display. Our limited membership numbers also means wait times for machines are minimal (if at all).

Membership of Fit4 Thorndon is capped at around 100 - 120 members. This ensures that all members can enjoy access to their equipment of choice whenever they choose to work out.

Whether you have specific fitness goals, enjoy getting out of the office at lunchtime, or need a workout that fits into your free hours, working out at Fit4 is an experience that’s totally unique to you.

Ben and Chantal Bakker welcome you to Fit4 - Gym, Health & Wellness. 



About the Gym

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