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The gym

Fit4 Thorndon is a boutique, privately operated gym on the lower ground floor of NZ Rugby House in one of Wellington’s most exclusive suburbs, Thorndon.

Fit4 Thorndon gives you a completely flexible workout experience. With an individual access card, you can come and go as you please; 24 hours a day, for as little or long as you want.

Our gym is equipped with rowers, treadmills, stationary bikes, a cross-trainer, bench press, chest press, pec flye, lat pulldown, Olympic/squat rack/cage, cable machine, leg press, leg extension and leg curl machine, a range of free weights, dumbbells and kettlebells, boxing equipment and a CrossFit area. Personal training is also available.


You can also use our wifi and Chromecast to stay connected during your entire workout.

Our completely private gym means you can work out without feeling like you’re on display. Our limited membership numbers also means wait times for machines are minimal (if at all).

Whether you have specific fitness goals or just enjoy getting out of the office at lunchtime (or exercising at midnight!), working out at Fit4 is an experience that’s totally unique to you.

For a workout that will fit your life.

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Personal training

If you have a specific fitness goal then personal training is the best way to get motivated, and stay that way! 


We have a certified personal trainer available for members. Des Foo, a Level 3 Trainer, holds a BA from Victoria University and an Exercise Science Certificate from Weltec. As a champion bodybuilder, Des understands what it’s like to be on both sides of a personal training program.


Des works one-on-one with you to identify the training that will benefit you most, with a tailored training plan, ongoing coaching and nutritional advice. 


Des’ specialties include:

  • Bodybuilding

  • Toning

  • Mass and strength gain

  • Plyometric training

  • Weight loss

  • Nutritional advice


To find out more get in touch with us or call Des on 021 903 619.


My decade in the fitness industry has taught me to love the work I do. I want to help people live a healthy, balanced and positive life. Most importantly, I aim to create an enjoyable and fun experience every time!
Des Foo
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How to join

Membership of Fit4 Thorndon is capped at 100 members. This ensures that all members can enjoy access to their equipment of choice whenever they choose to work out.

When you sign up for a membership at Fit4 Thorndon, you become one of our 100 capped members. As well as your 24-hour access card, 100 members get to enjoy our facilities with no over crowding. 

To become one of our capped 100 members you pay a one-time fee of $50, which is for your access card. The membership is a 12 month contract @ $12.99 per week.

Contact us to become a member of Fit4, or to arrange a tour of the gym before you sign up.

Whoever you are, you'll fit right in.

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The Dream Team

A personal training experience like no other. The Dream Team is a community-based training environment that I have created with the intention of guiding, supporting and educating all members on their unique journey.


The journey that we go on together is not a brief or temporary one. I have had my clients for years+ working through the many step by step stages of self discovery and acceptance, while establishing successful and sustainable body re-compositions. Delving deep into relationships with food, body image and behavioural change


Having struggled with clinical bulimia for 10 years, overcoming extreme adversity; I understand what my client is preparing to do, on a much deeper level than most. It is due to this very reason, that I can bring so much success to my client and their lives.

I DO NOT lie to you knowledge is power. Understanding basic physiology and biomechanics is an essential tool to the sustainability of your achievements. With me, you will learn how your body actually works! How we lose body fat, gain body fat, and build muscle etc. Food knowledge, and exercise knowledge etc. Once you have a simple understanding of the scientific principles – all the guesswork can be removed. From here, you are only left with the road to success. Trust the process!

To find out more get in touch with us or Check out myself and the Dream Team at

and IG- kendrakls

I am an evidence based personal trainer.

I practise scientific principles of weight loss, weight management and body re-composition

decade in the fitness industry has taught me to love the work I do. 
Kendra Stewart
Contact us

New members or questions:

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100 members:

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NZ Rugby House, 100 Molesworth Street 

Thorndon, Wellington 6011 NZ

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